Best live London traffic (and not only) cameras online

These days it’s quite difficult to track the traffic in any city online in real time. Fortunately, we created a list of the best traffic cameras in London, which are actually live (which means that they are NOT just taking photos every 60 seconds and pretend to be live cameras). Continue reading


Campaigners against Gatwick term consultation period ‘too short’

London has been gearing up for the battle of the airports for quite a while now. In case you haven’t heard of this yet,¬†let the video below show you what you’ve been missing out on:

Four West Kent parish councils have called for more time to put together their answer to a public consultation to air quality.

A recent study looked at the air pollution levels near the airports between November 2014 and February 2015 and the Airports Commission has given  campaigners three weeks to prove air quality has declined near Gatwick. Continue reading

VIDEO INTERVIEW: How bad is the noise under the Heathrow flight path?

Things had gone a little quiet on the Heathrow third runway vs Gatwick debate over the past couple of months, but things are set to change. Now that the General Election is done, and David Cameron – the man who famously said “No ifs not buts, no third runway at Heathrow” – is back in Number 10, the debate about air capacity expansion looks set to kick off in earnest once again. Continue reading