Liveblog: Stavanger to London

Most people think young ‘uns like us (read people who attend university) sit around all day eating at McDonald’s, getting wasted at a pub or engaging in otherwise useless shenanigans. They would be correct! Continue reading


9 types of weird people you meet on London Tube

Lets face it: commuting in London isn’t a piece of cake: severe delays, annoying crowd and lack of oxygen on the Piccadilly line stations are just a few thing we have to deal with every single day. But, there is an upside to all that: seeing peculiar Londoners everyday.

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How punctual are Britain’s trains? The answer might be a shock!

Aberdeen Station, one of the stations on the First ScotRail network, which has seen punctuality fall this year.
Aberdeen Station, on the First ScotRail network, which has seen punctuality fall this year.
Attribution: CC0 Public Domain

Network Rail, the firm behind Britain’s railways, yesterday announced that it paid out bonuses of nearly £60m to workers last year, almost half of its maximum payout. The bonuses came despite the fact that the railway operator has been fined more than £53m in the past year for missing punctuality targets by significant margins. The news got us here at Transporting London thinking, and we did some digging into just how late trains in Britain really are. The results might surprise you. Continue reading

What are the odds? Heathrow v Gatwick

I’m not a betting person. But if I was, I’d definitely be looking at the odds in the Heathrow v Gatwick story. Unless you’ve spent the past year under a rock (yeah!) you know everyone is talking about their problems against a third runway at Heathrow, a second runway at Gatwick or nothing at all (ergo, we’ve all been wasting our times!)

Nonetheless, people are putting money behind this great war of the airports. My spidey senses started tickling and I’ve tried to put together some numbers. This author does not favour any particular odds and advises caution.

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