LIVEBLOG: Trains, Boats, and Cable Cars – A race across London

A map of our route. The grey pin marks our starting point, whilst the red one is the finish line!
A map of our route. The grey pin marks our starting point, whilst the red one is the finish line!

It’s a question that has plagued London’s travellers for many years. What is the fastest way to get around the Capital? Continue reading


How punctual are Britain’s trains? The answer might be a shock!

Aberdeen Station, one of the stations on the First ScotRail network, which has seen punctuality fall this year.
Aberdeen Station, on the First ScotRail network, which has seen punctuality fall this year.
Attribution: CC0 Public Domain

Network Rail, the firm behind Britain’s railways, yesterday announced that it paid out bonuses of nearly £60m to workers last year, almost half of its maximum payout. The bonuses came despite the fact that the railway operator has been fined more than £53m in the past year for missing punctuality targets by significant margins. The news got us here at Transporting London thinking, and we did some digging into just how late trains in Britain really are. The results might surprise you. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Letting Britain Fly

Source: Martin Roell
Source: Martin Roell Flickr (CC by SA 2.0)

The campaigns of the three options put forward to the Airports Commission may be going into overdrive to get their points across to the wider public, but elsewhere in the lobbying landscape, there are people who aren’t too concerned about what Sir Howard Davies recommends, as long as he recommends that it’s done. “We simply want a quick decision on air capacity expansion, guided by the Airports Commission’s final recommendation.” Gavin Hayes of  Let Britain Fly tells me at the lobbyist’s brand spanking new offices in a rather prestigious West London postcode. “Let Britain Fly is airport neutral. We’re not going to take a view on which is the best option for airports expansion.” says Hayes, a veteran campaigner and director of the air capacity expansion group. Continue reading

Britain’s least trustworthy train gets a solution to its problems

Credit: Tom Walker
Credit: Tom Walker (CC by SA 2.0)

Britain’s most unreliable train. You may have heard about it last year. The 7.29am service from Brighton into London Victoria, scheduled to arrive in the capital at 8.35am hit headlines in 2014 after what you might call punctuality problems. The service, operated by Southern Trains failed to arrive into Victoria on time at all for an entire year. You read that right; for a whole 365 days the 7.29 from Brighton didn’t arrive at the right time once. Continue reading

Chaos on London’s railways: Twitter reacts

Overcrowding at London Bridge. Credit: Twitter - @BlowersSon
Overcrowding at London Bridge. Credit: Twitter – @BlowersSon

If you live in London and haven’t been hiding under an oh-so clichéd rock for the past few months, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a little bit of trouble with the capital’s railway network recently. Two of the city’s biggest and busiest stations have been at the heart of the chaos – London Bridge and Waterloo, whilst King’s Cross and Clapham Junction have also seen huge problems. Continue reading

VIDEO INTERVIEW: How bad is the noise under the Heathrow flight path?

Things had gone a little quiet on the Heathrow third runway vs Gatwick debate over the past couple of months, but things are set to change. Now that the General Election is done, and David Cameron – the man who famously said “No ifs not buts, no third runway at Heathrow” – is back in Number 10, the debate about air capacity expansion looks set to kick off in earnest once again. Continue reading

9 reasons the Shanghai Metro is better than the London Underground

Last week, the Transporting London team took a trip to Shanghai, China. Whilst we were there we used Shanghai’s super modern metro system, and quite frankly it puts the London Underground to shame. The system was opened in 1993, and last year it saw over 2.8bn individual journeys undertaken, more than twice London’s number. This number makes it the third most used metro system in the world after Beijing and Seoul.

Taking daily rides on Shanghai’s super swanky metro system made us think about just how rubbish the London Underground really is. So here are just nine reasons (there are lots more) why the Shanghai Metro is better than the Tube. Continue reading