Video interview – local residence don’t mind Heathrow expansion

Locals around Heathrow are changing their minds about the idea of a third runway at Heathrow. What’s leading to the change in heart? Find out here…

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Audio interview with Heathrow resident on third runway expansion

Reports suggest that the Airports Commission is only a few months, and maybe even a month, away from reporting. But have any of the local moods and concerns changed in the past several years. Agnelo Ros Reis is a local resident. Here are his views…

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Too small for purpose – a typical London road near Heathrow – Liveblog

Harlington High Street is a narrow road with a single lane for each way of traffic. It is the secondary road that connects Heathrow Airport to most of north west London. Apart from a steady stream of car, van and other vehicle traffic the road also connects 3 bus routes.

One part of the road (near its end with Heathrow Airport) is particularily narrow because of on street parking spaces for residence. The result is an even further narrowing of the road to just a single lane for both sets of traffic. This is what happened in the space of just 30 minutes…

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