Liveblog: Stavanger to London

Most people think young ‘uns like us (read people who attend university) sit around all day eating at McDonald’s, getting wasted at a pub or engaging in otherwise useless shenanigans. They would be correct!

Finals week is on and yet, I’m live-blogging a trip from Stavanger to London. Why? Just coz!

GMT 5.12, Location Stavanger airport, Sola:

More shenanigans, but some rest first. Long flight ahead


Keep checking out this site for more updates!

GMT 5.42, Stavanger Airport

Time to get some chow


GMT 5.52 Stavanger Airport

Prepping for departure, another country_ Done!


GMT 6.06 Stavanger Airport

Customs walk through.. Hmm my credit card weeps


GMT 6.40


IMG_0268 IMG_0269

GMT 10.38

Aaaaand We’ve landed. Phew long flight!

Walking into customs. London, I’m Back!!!


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