Why are these London’s busiest tube stations? – Gallery and Analysis

The London underground network handles nearly 2.8 billion passengers a year but the share of the burden isn’t divided equally. The top 5 busiest stations handle over 400 million or 14.2% of those passengers. Here is who they are and why they see so much more passengers…

Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station
Waterloo Station – Creative Commons

Waterloo station is served by four underground lines – the Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern and Waterloo & City lines. It is also one of the main train stations connecting London with the South East including Surrey. A very large number of people that work in London live in Surrey, meaning they are the main contributors to the daily flow of passengers.

Total passengers: nearly 90 million a year.

Oxford Circus Station

Oxford Circus Station
Oxford Circus Station – Creative Commons

The station is served by only 3 lines – Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines. What makes this station the busiest and arguable the most crowded, because of the narrow space available inside, is its location. In the heart of Oxford Street, perhaps the most well known shopping road in the UK, this station services shoppers from around the country but also almost every tourist will at some point use this station.

Total passengers: over 85 million a year.

King’s Cross St. Pancras Station

King's Cross St. Pancras Station
King’s Cross St. Pancras Station – Creative Commons

King’s Cross St Pancras is the biggest interchange station on the London Underground, serving six lines on four pairs of tracks as well as two National Rail stations.

It serves the Hammersmith & City / Circle / Metropolitan lines (these three lines share common tracks in this area), the Northern line, the Piccadilly line, the Victoria line, the East Coast Main Line and the Midland Main Line. It also has an extensive international link, especially between London and Paris serviced in under two and a half hours.

Despite the number of connections King’s Cross comes in third because it does not handle as much of the daily commute of people working in London.

Total passengers: just under 85 million a year.

Victoria Station

Victoria Station
Victoria Station – Creative Commons

Victoria Station services only 3 underground lines – District, Circle and Victoria lines. Despite this is comes in as the third busiest station in London. The reason behind this is the fact that is it the second busiest train station in the country, after Waterloo.

Situated only a short walk from Buckingham Palace, Victoria station handles tourists and everyone that works in the West End of London but lives south of the capital. The latter especially means that Victoria is one of the busiest stations in the country.

Total passengers: just under 85 million a year.

London Bridge Station

London Bridge Station
London Bridge Station – Creative Commons

London Bridge station is only served by 2 underground lines – Jubilee and Northern lines. Despite this is makes it is the fifth busiest station.

This station more than any of the previous is so busy solely because of it rail connections. It is only 3 stops from the Canery Wharf business area on the Jubilee line and 1 stop south on the Northern line from Bank station in the heart of London’s financial district.

Both Waterloo and Victoria (the other two main stations with connection to Surrey and the South East) are much further west. This makes London Bridge a close and easy option for the people that work in London’s financial districts.

Total passengers: nearly 70 million a year.

Useful facts:

London population 12 million.

UK population 60 million.

For more of the busiest station in London click here


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