Check out this beautiful visualisation of the London Tube

It’s nothing huge, to be honest. We took some data from the Transport of London and created a data flower… Looks great, even if it sounds a bit weird.

London data flower made using the Google Fusion Tables tool (data from the TFL)

The visualisation above was created using Google Fusion Tables. We took the list of London tube stations containing passenger entry and exit statistics for 2013. We then visualised it in a form of this pretty flower: the more passengers used the station, the closer it is to the core of the data flower. The least popular stations are the ones on the periphery.

Click on the picture to go to the interactive version. When you’re there, you can change the number of stations displayed using the menu in the upper-left corner. Have fun!

And in more traditional form, below find the table with the 10 most popular stations in the 2013 (latest available data) by the number of passengers who used that station. London Waterloo, which was the most busy tube station, served over 89 million passengers in 2013. If you’re interested in more specific figures, you can explore the data in XLS under this link.

10 most popular stations in 2013 (number of passengers in millions)
London Waterloo 89.40
London Oxford Circus 85.25
London King’s Cross St. Pancras 84.87
London Victoria 84.58
London London Bridge 69.88
London Liverpool Street 67.89
London Stratford 54.50
London Canary Wharf 50.05
London Paddington 49.71
London Bank & Monument 48.88

Now see 4 Graphs to show you just how busy the London Underground is.


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