Check out these 6 cool London Tube maps

Yesterday the TFL released the new, revised Tube map. Inspired by this event, we looked up some of the most interesting London Tube maps that were ever created.

1. Firstly, a tube map for tourists, just because most of us here would make a good use of it once in a while.

2. In 1908 you could tell the actual directions of all the lines! Here’s the proof.

3. The honest map is also here.

4. At Acton transport depot, they actually have a tube map made out of LEGO bricks. How cool is that?

5. London Coffee Stops Map for 2015 – this one doesn’t require any explanation, does it?

6. By the way, if you love the tube so much that you scrolled until the end of this article, you should probably buy this London Tube Map Bedding Set. Because, you know, time to take your relationship with the Tube to another level, right?

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