QUIZ – How much do you know about the Tube?

Perhaps the biggest part of any Londoners life – but how much do you know about the Tube? Test yourself here…

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Question 1 – How many passengers use the Tube every year?

(See answers at the bottom of the page)

Question 2 – Is the Tube the oldest underground system in the world?

Question 3 – Which Tube line has the shortest overall track length?

Question 4 – How many individual London Underground line networks are there?

Question 5 – Although the system is called London Underground, less than half the rail network is actually underground or in tunnels. True or False?

Question 6 Which London Underground line serves the most stations?

Question 7 – The average speed (including time spent at station stops) of a Tube line is just under 21mph. True or False?

Question 8 – Which Tube station is the deepest?

Question 9 – Which two stations on the Piccadilly Line are only 0.16miles apart?

Question 10 – How many Tube stations service Heathrow Airport?




Answer 1: 1.265 billion people a year use the Tube!

Answer 2: Yes! The first section was opened in 1863, and ran between Paddington and Farringdon. Specially designed locomotives had to be manufactured in order to reduce steam and smoke in the tunnel. The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden has the last remaining example of these early locomotives on display.

Answer 3: The Waterloo & City Line was opened in 1898, and remained independent until 1994 when it became part of London Underground. It is only two kilometres long, and entirely underground. The East London line was closed in 2007, and was eight kilometres in length. The Circle Line is twenty-one kilometres long, and the Hammersmith & City Line has a total length of twenty-seven kilometres.

Answer 4: 11 – The line networks are:- Bakerloo, Central, Circle, District, East London, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria, Waterloo & City. The short shuttle line between Earls Court and Olympia is an integral part of the District Line. Another underground line, the East London line was closed in 2007, and planned to reopen as part of a London orbital overground rail system.

Answer 5: True – The rail network has an overall length of just over four hundred kilometres, of which sixty percent (237 kilometres) is above ground. It reaches a maximum depth of over sixty-seven metres.

Answer 6: The District Line – serves sixty different stations. The Piccadilly Line serves fifty-two stations, and the Northern and Central Lines serve fifty-one and forty-nine stations respectively.

Answer 7: True – the average speed including station stops is a slothful 20.6mph or 33kmph.

Answer 8: Hampstead Station, situated on the Northern Line, is 67.4m (221ft) below ground level.

Answer 9: Leicester Square and Covent Garden stations are 0.16 miles apart. Given the need to use escalators and lifts at each end, it would be quicker to walk!

Answer 10: 4 – Hutton Cross –  Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 – Heathrow Terminal 4 – Heathrow Terminal 5. They are all on the Piccadilly Line.

Find out more info and facts here


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