Campaigners against Gatwick term consultation period ‘too short’

London has been gearing up for the battle of the airports for quite a while now. In case you haven’t heard of this yet, let the video below show you what you’ve been missing out on:

Four West Kent parish councils have called for more time to put together their answer to a public consultation to air quality.

A recent study looked at the air pollution levels near the airports between November 2014 and February 2015 and the Airports Commission has given  campaigners three weeks to prove air quality has declined near Gatwick.

With the Commission likely to announce their decision next month, the campaigners are obviously flummoxed to put together an answer defending their campaign to oppose the expansion.

Here are a few arguments for and against.

Richard Streatfield, chairman of the High Weald Parish Councils Aviation Action Group, which covers Chiddingstone, Hever, Leigh and Penshurst authorities, told the BBC they would be asking Sir Howard to extend the consultation by nine weeks.

“They’ve got to do something potentially they’ve never looked at before and gather lots and lots of information and then agree something,” he said.

We sent out a tweet to Gatwick area conserve, a key anti-Gatwick expansion lobby group and asked for their thoughts on the matter

They responded fairly swiftly, but when we pressed for more details over the phone, we were unable to get through to them . Oh well.


The UK’s Supreme Court handed out a ruling in April to improve the air quality, a factor that might have prompted the Commission to shorten the response period.


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