Interview: Kevin Jarvis, Security Manager on Heathrow third runway

Kevin Jarvis has been working as a security manager at Heathrow Airport for over 5 years. He also lives within a few hundred yards of the airport, dividing his opinion as to whether a new runway at Heathrow is a good thing or a bad thing…

More jobs – secure jobs at Heathrow Airport

Jarvis said, “There is no question that expansion would mean that there will be more job creation and with a bit of luck better pay. This is very good for us especially now as there are rumours going round that Heathrow management want to outsource our jobs. With a new runway, I expect that would take a much lesser priority and they will be too busy with so many other things to worry about us.”

Even more noise and pollution with Heathrow third runway

“On the other hand I live just down the road and it is already noisy enough with all these planes coming in and out. If there is a new runway I will seriously look to move out of the area even though it is really convenient for working here. My wife and I are thinking about having a child and we really would not want him growing up with all these fumes going into his lungs.”

Area redevelopment around Heathrow airport

“Although having said that, a new third runway at the airport will mean the entire area will get a really good face lift. I suspect that apart from a new runway there will be more brand new shiny offices and hotels popping up. There are already plans to redevelop the Heathrow tunnels, make new ones and make the transport links including roads, tube, train and buses even better around here. Not everyone actually thinks that this is a good thing because it will destroy the ‘villagey’ feel around Heathrow but I think it is just about moving on with the times onto bigger and better things.”

Future of Heathrow with a new runway

“Nothing will change if they do not build a third runway here overnight but it will mean that the place will not be able to grow and clearly there is place for growth. Largely, because of that and all the other things like jobs, redevelopment I am willing to accept expansion even at the expense of traditional lifestyles and more pollution.”


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