Britain’s least trustworthy train gets a solution to its problems

Credit: Tom Walker
Credit: Tom Walker (CC by SA 2.0)

Britain’s most unreliable train. You may have heard about it last year. The 7.29am service from Brighton into London Victoria, scheduled to arrive in the capital at 8.35am hit headlines in 2014 after what you might call punctuality problems. The service, operated by Southern Trains failed to arrive into Victoria on time at all for an entire year. You read that right; for a whole 365 days the 7.29 from Brighton didn’t arrive at the right time once.

Needless to say, people weren’t happy. Many cited its failures as an example of just how bad Britain’s rail network is. But now its operators have come up with an ingenious solution to solve its tardiness problem.

Southern have simply added an extra three minutes onto the journey. So now, instead of being scheduled to arrive at Victoria at 8.35, the 7.29 will arrive at a leisurely 8.38. Furthermore, a previous stop at Wivelsfield, a village in East Sussex, has been removed altogether. Problem solving at its best!

A statement from Southern yesterday said “These changes have been designed to improve performance across the network, and particularly on the Brighton main line which is one of the busiest routes in the country.”

The news is likely to please this man, who decided to use his body to protest against Southern’s service with this rather aggressive tattoo.

Lets just hope the driver doesn’t get too complacent and slow down.


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