Chaos on London’s railways: Twitter reacts

Overcrowding at London Bridge. Credit: Twitter - @BlowersSon
Overcrowding at London Bridge. Credit: Twitter – @BlowersSon

If you live in London and haven’t been hiding under an oh-so clichéd rock for the past few months, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a little bit of trouble with the capital’s railway network recently. Two of the city’s biggest and busiest stations have been at the heart of the chaos – London Bridge and Waterloo, whilst King’s Cross and Clapham Junction have also seen huge problems.

London Bridge has, over the past five or so years, been at the centre of a huge redevelopment project aimed at making one of London’s commuter hubs a more user friendly and efficient experience. Network Rail describes on its website a ‘huge concourse’ with ‘natural light, along with ‘A bigger, better connected station’, ‘more services’, and ‘better connections’. The new plans, costing upwards of £6bn, are fully underway. And recently the new concourse opened to much excitement. But there were teething problems and on several days in March and April chaos reigned.

In early March, following a day when commuters at London Bridge were corralled behind barriers after signal problems and a person on the tracks, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson said “This chaos must end now. The scenes at London Bridge last night were completely unacceptable. It is a disgrace that Network Rail and the train operating companies have failed once again to get a grip of the situation at London Bridge.”

As usual the people of London took to Twitter to express their disgust, or to crack jokes.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to the capital’s recent train chaos.

There were some amazing pictures –

@BlowersSon has a real knack for chaos photography! –

Tom let his employers at LBC know what was happening-

James was suspicious –

And this lady felt she’d suffered a grave injustice –

But it’s not just London Bridge where chaos has reigned. Last week saw commuter hell on the Southwest Trains network thanks to signal failures at both Surbiton and Waterloo, two of the franchise’s busiest stations, with passengers on some trains being forced to stand in the toilets.

Twitter reacted like this.

Some made it political –

Whilst others just wanted a trip abroad –

Others made jokes with poor quality pictures –

The chaos seemed to pass this bloke by –

While this guy used the language of the streets to channel his fury –

Beyond the wisecracking of Twitter however, there is a more serious side to the trouble of London’s rail commuters. With so many incidents occurring over the past few months involving signal failures on the railway network, is it time to rethink the way the network is run, and are trains getting too crowded?

Let us know what you think in our poll below:


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