London Tube Trivia: Did you know?

For a new-ish Londoner like me, travelling in the old City has its ups and downs. While the red bus is Iconic, it is the underground system that is the beating heart of London.

The London Tube system has been around for a hundred and fifty years. Don’t we all hear the trains creaking on sharp turns? Haven’t we all lamented over the catacomb-like tunnels?

Here’s a few things I found interesting:

  • The Tube transports 1.265 billion a year. That’s the population of India!


Waterloo is the busiest station-it transports roughly 89.4 million people a year!

Waterloo tube station
Waterloo tube station
  • There are 430 escalators on the London Tube network. Most number of escalators? Waterloo!

It has 23 escalators on the premises.

transp 2

The longest escalator is at Angel tube station. It is 60 meters long.

transp 4

  • Total annual train kms traveled? 76.2 million kms. Phew!

Speed? 33 km/hour

transp 3

And now, we await the 24-h tube service. Until then,

#London #Party This is what the night tube map could look like – Time Out London

— London Society (@London_society) May 6, 2015


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