VIDEO INTERVIEW: How bad is the noise under the Heathrow flight path?

Things had gone a little quiet on the Heathrow third runway vs Gatwick debate over the past couple of months, but things are set to change. Now that the General Election is done, and David Cameron – the man who famously said “No ifs not buts, no third runway at Heathrow” – is back in Number 10, the debate about air capacity expansion looks set to kick off in earnest once again. With the Airports Commission’s report expected imminently, both Gatwick and Heathrow will be lobbying the new government more furiously than ever before to try and get their voices heard. Even within the ranks of Tory MPs the subject is divisive

Newly elected Conservative MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip, London Mayor and all round joker, Boris Johnson has already thrown his weight behind stopping Heathrow expansion, saying in his victory speech on Thursday night that he would throw himself in front of the bulldozers to prevent the building of a third runway.

Amongst concerns about the environment and many other issues, noise is one of the most contentious problems with regards to expanding Heathrow, but how bad really is the noise as a resident? Transporting London decided to take a trip to Windsor to speak to Lieutenant Christopher Murphy of the British Army, who lives in barracks directly below Heathrow’s western flight path, and get his thoughts on living in the shadow of Europe’s busiest airport.


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