Quiz – So how much do you know about Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow Airport is one of the largest and most famous airports in the world. It is also in the middle of an ongoing debate around expansion but what do you actually know about Heathrow? Try the quiz…

Creative Commons

Find the answer at underneath the picture!

Question 1: Does Heathrow process more or less people than the whole population of the UK in a year?

Answer: More. 70 million people a year go through Heathrow. 10 million more than the UK population – Creative Commons

Question 2: At what capacity are the runways at Heathrow currently operating?

Answer: 98%. The runway capacity at Heathrow is almost full hence the argument for a new runway – Creative Commons

Question 3: How much will the new Terminal 2 have cost once Phase 2 of construction is completed?

Answer: Around £2.3 billion. Phase 1 was completed in 2014 and is only 60% of the total capacity of the whole project – Creative Commons

Question 4: Which Terminal is next to close and get knocked down? Why?

Answer: Terminal 1. It is due to close in the Autumn of 2015 with deconstruction work starting soon after. It will be knocked down to make space for Phase 2 of Terminal 2 – Creative Commons

Question 5: What is the annual turnover for Heathrow Airport?

Answer: £2.5 billion. The company owns several airports but Heathrow Airport makes up more than 95% of its income – Creative Commons

Question 6: How many people work at Heathrow Airport?

Answer: Approximately 70,000 people but only 13,000 are directly employed by Heathrow Ltd. The rest are contractors, outsourced labour or work for the huge retail sector within the airport – Creative Commons

Question 7: What percentage of homes does Heathrow Ltd already own in the areas for the proposed new runway?

Answer: Between 70-80% of the homes in the Heathrow Villages are owned by Heathrow Ltd. Meaning that only a small proportion of the housing in the area will have to be compulsory purchasing – Creative Commons

Question 8: What is the train time from Heathrow Airport to London Paddington on the Heathrow Express train?

Answer: It takes 21 minutes to go from Heathrow to London Paddington – Creative Commons

How did you do???

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