7 ways Londoners react to the battle of Heathrow Vs. Gatwick

It is probably the thing all London commuters are aware of: the marketing war between Heathrow and Gatwick over who is better positioned to receive a permission to build an additional runaway. As Financial Times wrote last week, the fight got a little tense. So we looked at what Twitter users think of the whole thing.

1. For some, the PR battle is quite amusing..


2. …and others are visibly annoyed by the whole shebang…


3. …while a handful of people are just, well, confused.


4. Some are taking sides…


5. … but anger prevails and rules.


6. So probably the best approach is to stay calm

get popcorn and enjoy the fight…


7. …because, all in all, the airport wars go on but all people care about is aesthetics

which is not taken into consideration by any of a number of reports written about whether to give an additional runway to Heathrow or Gatwick… nor by their ads, either!


If, however, you would like to read about some more serious arguments in the airport battle, click here for the comprehensive analysis.


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